College of Education and Health Sciences

College of Education and Health Sciences

First, I am excited to announce the opening of our new School of Nursing and our new RN (ADN) to MSN program. Prospective students can now apply for admission to this program as the first classes begin this August. This program is a blended program, with half of the class time face-to-face, one day a week, while the other half of the instruction is offered online. We are proud of our new Director of Nursing, Dr. Ann Stoltz, who is a world class educator. Prior to coming to Touro, she served as Director of Nursing at Sacramento State University. Both the new program and Dr. Stoltz are tremendous new assets for Touro University California.

For students in our College of Education and Health Sciences, community service is an inherent component of every learning experience. Though the college is comprised of two separate schools, the mission to serve others unites students and faculty. In the Graduate School of Education, our students learn teaching strategies for at-risk students and become agents of change for social justice, equity and inclusion. In our School of Health Sciences, students pursue careers as public health experts, physician assistants and nurses. Our public health program focuses on the needs of underserved populations and promotes the health and well being of local and global communities through education, service and research. Similarly, the physician assistant program prepares health providers to work with underserved populations and to increase access to health care. Our new MSN program focuses on developing leaders in the nursing profession.

Two years ago, the College of Education and Health Sciences adopted Invitational Education as the philosophical foundation for how we operate our college. Since then, our Provost has adopted this as a philosophy across the entire Touro University California campus. Invitational Education asserts that everybody and everything in and around schools adds to, or subtracts from, school safety. It centers on four guiding principles of respect, trust, optimism, and intentionality.

Touro University offers a unique joint degree curriculum for students who seek master degrees in physician assistant studies and in public health. Students in osteopathic medicine and pharmacy also can opt for a second degree in public health. Whatever the program, students will receive instruction and be mentored by experienced professionals who share a passion for service.

Last Updated: 3/5/14