How do I balance my MPH academic schedule with the demands of my Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine academic schedule? Dual Degree TUC MPH/TUN DO students complete the MPH didactic courses in two summers: the summer prior to entering COM and the summer after the first year of COM. The Public Health field study is completed during clinical rotations. There is no overlap with the COM clinical instruction.

Do I have to come to the California campus for the MPH degree? No! The Dual Degree TUC MPH/TUN DO Program is designed to provide students with the opportunity to obtain a Master of Public Health (MPH) at TUC through a synchronized distance learning program without having to come to the California campus . However, TUN DO/MPH students may join the TUC DO/MPH students on the California campus if that is their preference.  (All students will need to attend a two day MPH orientation at the start of the first summer which will be held simultaneously at TUN and TUC.)

Do the TUN DO/MPH students attend the summer courses together on the TUN campus? Yes, students complete the summer courses together as a group at the Touro University Nevada campus.  As Public Health courses often involve class-based group work, we want you to be in a class with your peers at TUN.

What is synchronized distance learning in the MPH Program at TUC? Our program’s format combines the convenience of synchronized online learning with the benefits of virtual in-person classroom instruction. Students and instructors will be online via Zoom at the same time, i.e. synchronous class. The synchronized online MPH program is taught by faculty who are at the forefront of the latest developments in public health.

How many units do I need to earn the MPH? The MPH degree requires 42 units of study. Dual degree students earn 30 units from the Public Health Program curriculum and 12 units from courses relevant to public health from the TUN DO curriculum.
Can I transfer credits for MPH courses I have already taken? Students who have completed applicable MPH coursework from a CEPH accredited program may be eligible to apply coursework towards the MPH degree.  A maximum of 12 semester units from other institutions MAY be applied toward the MPH degree prior to admissions at TUC.  Applied coursework from TUC programs or other colleges or universities must have been completed within 5 years of the application date and must be approved by the program director in order to receive transfer credit.

What is the total length of the TUN DO/MPH Program? The MPH didactic courses are covered in two summers. Because you must complete your medical education in order to earn your MPH, this is accomplished in four years and a truncated summer before you begin COM.


Can I concentrate on a specific area of interest to me in Public Health? Yes! The MPH program offers 3 different concentrations from which students must choose prior to their second summer of classes. Your choice of concentration will determine your course work and field study placement. These concentrations are:
COMMUNITY ACTION FOR HEALTH: Prepares students to respond to the health needs of communities, especially those communities that face unique vulnerabilities.  Students are prepared to address the factors that negatively influence health and promote those that are health-enhancing.
GLOBAL HEALTH: Prepares students to be global health professionals and agents of change through a curriculum which reflects the realities of health around the world and examines the challenges and the complexity of solutions.
HEALTH EQUITY & CRIMINAL JUSTICE is a new emphasis in the Public Health Program designed to address the impact of criminal justice involvement and incarceration on the health of individuals, families, and communities.


What is the Certified in Public Health Examination (CPH)? The Certified in Public Health Exam is a national exam offered to MPH students graduating from CEPH accredited institutions. Those who pass the exam earn the Certified in Public Health credential which certifies your knowledge of key public health sciences.  The exam is given by the National Board of Public Health Examiners.

How and when do TUN DO/MPH students take the CPH exam? The CPH exam is an online exam offered throughout the academic year at testing centers throughout the U.S. Students take the CPH exam after they have completed their didactic courses at testing centers.

What is the CPH pass rate of the TUC DO/MPH students? 
Student Examinees National CPH Exam Pass rate VS. TUC Student Examinees CPH Exam Pass rate (citation:  Association of Schools and Programs of Public Health (ASPPH Data Center, Washington, DC)

For all TUC MPH graduates, including Dual Degree students, the pass rate is as follows:

2017:    National 88%, TUC 92%
2018:    National 93%, TUC 99% (through October 17, 2018)


What is the Field Study?  The required Field Study course is a structured, practical experience in a professional public health setting which requires students to apply and integrate the knowledge and skills acquired during the didactic period. Students conduct field work at public health organizations which serve as field study placement sites, assisting the organization with specific public health projects. Students are provided with opportunities to cultivate core public health skills, explore careers options, and develop professional goals.
The PH Field Study is not a clinical rotation - Dual Degree students engage in public health work, rather than see patients.


What is the advantage of earning an MPH degree at Touro University California while I complete my training for the Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine degree at TUN? DO/MPH graduates enjoy a wide range of advantages:
  • Broad career choices including leadership positions in health departments, international agencies, and academic institutions as well as planning and implementing disease prevention programs and performing clinical research.
  • Saving time and tuition: coursework is accelerated to be covered in two summers, enabling students to graduate with two degrees in 4 years and a summer. Transferring 12 units towards the MPH from the clinical curriculum reduces the tuition by 29%.   
  • Program quality: The MPH degree is accredited by the Council on Education for Public Health (CEPH).  Not all graduate public health programs are accredited.  Some federal opportunities are only open to those with degrees from accredited institutions.


What are the requirements for acceptance to the DO/MPH program? Students who have been accepted into TUN COM are eligible to apply to become Dual Degree students.  Information on the application requirements can be found here: http://admissions.tu.edu/mph/AdmitNVDO-MPH.html.  Ms. Naisha Bible (niasha.bible@tu.edu) in Admissions can also answer application-related questions. Decisions are rendered within three weeks of receipt of application. There is no application fee.

When do I submit my application? It is advisable to apply as soon as you are accepted to the TUN COM. The priority deadline is April 1st.  However, we recognize that TUN COM is accepting students after that date, and so admission to the program is on a rolling basis.  Keep in mind that the institution requires a minimum of three weeks to process your application.


What is the tuition for the MPH degree and can I get financial aid? The tuition for the MPH degree for students from 2018-19 was $26,400 ($880/unit).  The tuition for students entering Summer 2019 is not yet available.  Financial Aid is available for qualifying students.  Contact the TUC Financial Aid department at 707-638-5280.
Is the tuition paid in 2 installments or all at once at the beginning of the program?  Tuition is paid in 2 installments for each summer sessions.  Tuition for the field study will be included in your tuition for COM, as this takes place as part of your rotations during your 4th year.



Sharon Chesney, Program Analyst
Gayle Cummings, Director and Assistant Dean