• Genevieve-Towne_HEC_Sp2018

    Genevieve Towne, Health Education Council, PA Class of 2018

  • Rhett_Lacey_Harris-County_Sp2018

    Rhett Lacey, Harris County, TX, PA Class of 2018

  • ochca_tupp_fair

    Phuong L. Huynh @ a So Cal health fair, MPH Class of 2016


Beginning in Summer 2021, the availability of in-person/on-site placements at local field study sites will be determined on a case by case basis. Students enrolled in the Community Action for Health and Health Equity and Criminal Justice concentrations will have the option to complete fully virtual, fully in-person, or blended placements

Community Health Field Study

Students enrolled in the Community Health Track conduct their field studies under the guidance of preceptors at affiliated public health field study organizations that serve as field study placement sites. Community Health field study sites include, but are not limited to: county health departments, state and federal health agencies, community health organizations, hospitals, clinics, managed care organizations, academic institutions, California correctional facilities, community-based non-profit/non-governmental organizations, and philanthropic and voluntary health agencies. Click below for a listing of current Community Health field study sites and other important Community Health field study information.

HECJ Field Study

The Public Health Field Study provides students the opportunity to apply and integrate skills and knowledge acquired during their didactic coursework into public health practice, translating that experience to hands on “real world” situations to mitigate the downstream effects of the criminal justice system on public health as well as focusing on upstream solutions. Students in the HECJ Field Study will work with organizations working to address the needs of justice-involved people and impacted communities. HECJ Concentration students may conduct their field studies at California correctional facilities or community-based organizations, non-profit/non-governmental organizations, which include but are not limited to:

  • Berkeley Youth Alternatives 

  • California Correctional Health Care Services

  • Centerforce, Oakland, CA

  • Drug Safe Solano, Vallejo, CA

  • Health Education Council, Sacramento, CA

  • La Clinica de La Raza Transitions Clinic, Vallejo, CA

  • Life Learning Academy Charter High School, San Francisco, CA

  • Solano County Jail Services, Fairfield, CA

  • Roots Community Health Clinic, Oakland, CA


Photo by Heather Jennings, PA Class of 2018, Mount Sinai Adolescent Health Center, NY, NY


Above: TUC MPH Student Interns, Kevin Li & Joanne Suarez (Class of 2015) @the Alameda Health System Eastmont Wellness Center in Oakland, CA