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The MPH Capstone Project is an exciting and significant undertaking that gives students the opportunity to develop their analytical skills and to gain expertise in a subject area.  Work on the project is conducted over the course of several semesters under the guidance of Capstone Coordinator Carly Strouse.

Students conducting a Capstone Project produce a substantial, original, independently written manuscript concerning a significant public health problem and share and defend their work during an oral presentation.

Past student Capstone Projects have included:

  • Examining Hospital Doula Policies:  An analysis of doula policy within maternal and child health in the U.S. 

  • Strategies to Address Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children:  Recommendations for Solano County

  • Predicting the Racial Disparities of Medicaid Work Requirements via a Welfare Reform Analysis:  A Systemic Review

  • Implementing Food Policies for Healthy Eating in Jamaica:  A Policy Analysis

  • Nonylphenols and Female Fertility:  A Systemic Review

For more information about producing a Capstone Project, please contact Dr. Strouse at carly.strouse@tu.edu.


The Capstone process usually takes three-four semesters and consists of three phases:

  • Planning and project development (usually occurring in the first and second semesters of the program),

  • Conducting the project (usually occurring in the second or third semester of the program),

  •  Analyzing and summarizing project results (the fourth, or last, semester of the program).

IMPH, Joint MPA/PA and Dual Degree (MPH/DO & MPH PharmD) students have different timelines.

 Capstone Project Resources


Proposal Outline


Presentation Outline




Overview of the Capstone Project

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Student Capstone Forms

Outline: One Page proposal Summary

Culminating Experience Declaration Form 

IRB Screening From (for all projects)

IRB Proposal Guideline (for projects requiring IRB review only)

Publication Statement Form


Faculty Capstone Forms

Evaluation Rubric for Capstone Proposal

Capstone Project Advising Form

Presentation Evaluation Form

Project Evaluation Form (Final Grading Rubric)