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The Public Health Program partners with the PROCOSI, the La Paz, Bolivia-based network of private non-profit social development organizations that work in integral health and its determinants, with a focus on rights.

PROCOSI was founded in 1988 with the support of the Government of the United States of America through the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), with the objective of coordinating and achieving a greater impact on child survival actions. The Network has a presence in the nine departments of Bolivia, through 24 organizations that establish an important link at the national, departmental and municipal levels.

Field study projects at PROCOSI focus on improvement projects, needs assessments and evaluations, data analysis and outreach, health education materials, Tobacco Control Policy work, communicable disease programs, research ethics committees technical support

The TUC Public Health Program works with Bolivian trusted logistic consultants to organize your field study in Bolivia. The logistics coordinators provide the following services:

  • Pre‐departure arrangements
  • In‐country orientation
  • Homestays
  • Medical Referrals & Safety Provisions

IMPORTANT: Students are required to pass a test demonstrating basic Spanish proficiency for the Bolivia Field Study.

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Course Contact:

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