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The Center for Workforce Development & Public Health Practice supports the Program in carrying out its efforts to enhance and provide workforce training and development, continuing education, and public health practice. The primary goals of the Center are to formalize many existing projects and activities that are currently accomplished by PH Program faculty and staff to expand our capacity to train and address the needs of the local public health workforce and to further develop public health practice. Efforts to improve workforce development will focus on assessment and continuing education that incorporates a focus on inter professionalism education (IPE), such as the Social Justice in Public Health Seminar Series.
The Center aims to strengthen public health practice of the emerging public health workforce through the Program’s Public Health Field Study course, in which TUC MPH students apply their academic knowledge to “real world” situations, projects or tasks and make meaningful contributions to public health organizations. For its dual and joint degree students who  integrate public health skills with clinical knowledge, the Public Health Program will continue to develop field study partnerships where IPE can be implemented to improve health outcomes. Public health practice is also fostered by the Program's expansion of field study placement partnerships, annual offerings of preceptor orientations and trainings, and support of the professional development of our preceptors who help shape the future public health workforce.

Deirdra F. Wilson, MPH, PhDc
Assistant Professor
Public Health Program

Manager, Public Health Practice:
Nemesia Kelly, MPH
Assistant Professor & Field Study Coordinator
Public Health Program