Tuition & Fees

The cost of tuition is $1,000 per unit. The Family Nurse Practitioner (Certification) Program costs $30,000 (without transfer credits); depending on the number of clinical hours and the courses the student has earned during their master's course of study.

To obtain credit from another graduate program for courses such as Advanced Pathophysiology, Advanced Pharmacology, and Advanced Physical Assessment, the student must have completed the course within five years and dates listed on an official transcript. If more than five years, student will have to retake the courses necessary for the program.

Books & Supplies

Books & Supplies for the DNP-FNP Program cost approximately $3,000.00 for the entire length of the program.

  • You are required to obtain a diagnostics bundle (Otoscope, Ophthalmoscope, etc.,) which costs approximately $700.00.
  • Please click here for book list for 2020-2021