1.  Ethiopian Midwifery Research Assistant (2 positions)

We will be hiring two research assistants (work study) in the fall and spring to assist with data coding, data analysis, and poster/manuscript preparation for two global health projects. One project involves the coding of qualitative data on midwifery practices in Ethiopia; the other involves analyzing quantitative data on the geographic distribution of Malawi’s health-related community-based organizations. 

The positions are best for someone who is able to work independently and problem solve creatively.  Strong writing skills, attention to detail,  and good time management and organizational skills are required. I would prefer students with some experience using quantitative, qualitative, or GIS data analysis software (we will be using HYPEResearch for qualitative work and Stata and ArcGIS/QGIS for quantitative work). Students without this background should be willing and able to take online tutorials or attend training workshops.

Students must be work study eligible (please contact the Financial Aid office to find out about this) and be able to devote a full 20 hours a week on campus to the project. The salary is $15 per hour. Positions start September 1st.

If you are interested in working on these projects through a work study placement, please send your resume and a few lines about yourself and your interests to Dr. Burrowes:


2.  HPV Infection Research Assistant (2-3 positions)

I am looking for 2-3 individuals to join my research team.  My research focuses on HPV infection and HPV associated disease among HIV-infected and uninfected men and women in the US and India.  The current projects that I am working on with my research team include: 

1) A systematic review of the literature of HPV infection among men and women in India.

2) A pilot project to conduct focus groups at Vallejo middle schools to evaluate if they would be open to an intervention that would bring them information on HPV vaccination for girls and boys.

3) Developing a grant proposal to conduct a cross-sectional study among Indian HIV-infected individuals to determine the prevalence of non-communicable diseases.

4) Analyzing and interpreting data and preparing manuscripts for several existing dataset of HPV infection among HIV infected men.

Graduate student researchers would work on several projects together as a team and work towards a goal such as submitting an abstract for a scientific meeting or preparing a manuscript for publication.  Great communication and organizational skill are required.   Skills with data analysis or database creation would be valuable, but not necessary.  Many of the skills required will be taught in PH classes this fall.  If you are interested, please email Dr. Hernandez:



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