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We are dedicated to reducing health disparities in local and global communities with an unwavering focus on social justice.  Our mission is to promote the health and well being of local and global communities through education, service, and research with a focus on underserved populations.  This mission is achieved by employing a multidimensional program of study that combines a broad public health base with specific training in two specialty concentrations:  Community Action for Health and Global Health.

The Program plans to offer a new concentration in Health Equity and Criminal Justice (HECJ) in Fall 2019. Effective Fall 2018, HECJ is currently available to students as an emphasis within the Community Action for Health Concentration. This spring, the Program will offer the first course in the HECJ Emphasis and proposed HECJ Concentration: PBHC 633: Criminal Justice and Public Health, which will provide students with an overview of the intersection between the criminal justice system and public health.


News & Events

Social Justice Lecture Series 2019

We know that we affect the environment, but how does the environment affect us and our health?

Our attention to environmental health issues is often the result of emergencies:  Zika virus outbreaks; Flint, Michigan's water crisis; Hurricane Katrina.  Join us for a series of 6 lectures by nationally recognized leaders in the field as we expand our awareness of the ongoing impact of environmental risks on our health through a lens focused on social justice.

Join us for a series of 6 lectures by nationally recognized leaders in the field as we examine environmental risks to our health - particularly the disproportionate risks borne by low-income communities and communities of color.


(Attendance is required for students registered for PBHC 631 or 632 do not register on Eventbrite.)

Opportunity to submit articles for an upcoming mHealth Journal focused issue on "Digital Interventions for Hard-to-reach Populations. 

Public Health Program's Associate Professors Carinne Brody and Sarah Sullivan will be guest editors.  Invited submissions only.  Submission sue November 10.  Click here for more information.

Public Health Program Graduate Brie Reed, MPH begins a fellowship with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) as a participant of the ASPPH/EPA Environmental Health Fellowship Program.  See the article in ASPPH News.  Congratulations Brie!

The Public Health Program successfully completed its first course in the Health Equity and Criminal Justice emphasis, Spring 2019.  The class included TUC students as well as members of the community.

Spring 2019 HECJ



Daily Republic publishes article about our recent Public Health Hero Awards Ceremony

The 13th Annual Public Health Program Hero Awards 2019 Ceremony and Dinner was a successful and inspiring evening attended by students, faculty, community members and our TUC leadership Provost Sarah Sweitzer and CEHS Dean Lisa Norton.

Hero Awards Group Picture 2019


Congratulations to the 2019 Public Health Heroes and special thanks to Keynote Speaker Mike McLively, Director of the Giffords Law Center's Urban Gun Violence Initiative, Mel Orpilla representing Congressman Mike Thompson and Jana Modena representing Assemblyman Tim Grayson and State Senator Bill Dodd who presented our Heros with Certificates of Special Congressional Recognition and California State Legislature Recognition.

MPH Alum News - The Touro California Record highlights:

Prevention as Medicine
Monir Tofangsazan, MPH, CEHS Class of 2012

The Touro University of California Public Health Program and the Oakland, California based non-profit organization Exonerated Nation collaborate for the California Exoneree Health & Well-Being Project (CEHW) to study the current state of physical, mental, and emotional health among California exonerees and their needs for immediate and long-term support.  Learn more in the CEHW newsletter.



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