Professor Nemesia Kelly

Health Equity and Criminal Justice Concentration Chair, Professor Nemesia Kelly


Health Equity and Criminal Justice is a new concentration in the Public Health Program designed to address the impact of criminal justice involvement and incarceration on the health of individuals, families and communities.  Students gain an understanding of the needs of these populations through field study and specialized courses including Criminal Justice and Public Health.  View/print the program flyer for more information. 

As a related endeavor of the Program's new concentration, the Public Health Program developed the California Exoneree Health and Well-Being (CEHW) Project to study the current state of physical, mental, and emotional health among California exonerees and their needs for immediate and long-term support. The CEHW Project is a joint collaboration with Exonerated Nation, a non-profit organization based in Oakland, California whose mission is to meet the immediate needs of exonerees in California. In Fall 2017, the Project received a grant from the TUC Intramural Research Award Program. From April 2 to May 12, 2018, the CEHW research team conducted 12 in-person key informant interviews with California exonerees to understand their health status and needs for immediate and long-term support. The information gathered will be used to design a quantitative survey for a future study of California exonerees regarding their health, well-being and any unmet needs.  Learn more