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    Intern, Priyanka Shah, Dr. Paula Johnson (r) & Amy Le (l)

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    PA Interns & Elaini Negussie (center) @County of Marin

  • preceptors

    TUC MPH Field Study Preceptors @2012 PH Hero Awards


Our preceptors play a vital role in helping our students apply and integrate their academic knowledge to “real world” situations, projects or tasks while making meaningful contributions to a public health organization.We are excited that you are a current preceptor or are considering becoming a preceptor for one of our students and helping to enrich the education of future practitioners in the public health field.

The Touro University California (TUC) Public Health Program is committed to the ongoing development of successful partnerships with local government and community health agencies and organizations to support the education and public health training of our Master of Public Health (MPH) student through its Public Health Field Study course. Public health agencies and organizations are vital in providing invaluable field experience, real-world, practical exposure, experience, and mentorship to our students. Through a field study placement partnership with TUC, students have the opportunity to gain knowledge, skills, confidence, and access to relationships that enhance their academic training, professional development, and effectiveness. In turn, organizations benefit from investing in the training and mentorship of student interns, which results in valuable assistance and support to their programs. For the field of public health, the return on this investment is ultimately its expansion through an increase in the number of future public health professionals.

Our program trains many students from diverse backgrounds with interpersonal, leadership, and teamwork skills that enable them to take initiative and operate as motivated self-starters. We expect our students to make significant contributions to the goals and missions of our community partners.

If you are considering to enter a field study partnership with the TUC Public Health Program or have interest and capacity to host MPH student interns from TUC, please see the important links above. Preceptors or sites currently affiliated with the Program may also utilize the links above to post new and upcoming field study projects available for student interns.








Alameda Health System Ambulatory Operations Director/Preceptor,
Holly Garcia with Patient Navigators, Linda Carter & Shawanna Emerson