1. Ensure completion of ALL MPH core and track-required courses by the intended field start date.

2. Observe the Community Health Field Study Placement Planning Timelines & Deadlines and Global Health Field Study Placement Planning Timelines & Deadlines.

3. Community Health Track students review affiliated field study placement sites.

4. Global Health Track students review global health field study placement sites.

5. Students must complete the online Online Field Study Planning Form by the deadlines specified for their designated field study terms:

  • Summer Field Study Term: February 15th
  • Fall Field Study Term: May 1st
  • Spring Field Study Term: October 1st
  • Next Available Field Study Term: Spring 2019-

Using the Field Study Planning Form, students select their tracks and specify their degree program, field study start/end dates, and public health interests.

  • Community Health Track students are required to rank their site preferences specific to their public health interests, qualifications, and desired geographic location within the TUC Network of Community Health Field Study Placement Sites

  • Global Health Track students are required to rank their preferred country sites (see country sites below) from 1-4 (1 being the highest and 4 being the lowest).

Students enrolled in the Global Health Track

      must also contact and/or schedule appointments with the field study coordinator of their preferred country site via the email addresses below:

*The Ethiopia field study site has been suspended due to political unrest in the country. Field study placements may resume in the 2017-2018 academic year if the situation stabilizes.

**The new Nepal Field Study Site is currently in development.

  • IMPORTANT:  Community health and global health field study placement sites are limited and placements at preferred sites cannot be guaranteed; therefore, students may not be assigned to their top-ranked sites. TUC is unable to guarantee any field study placement as the availability of placement opportunities is determined by the site’s interest and capacity to host student interns during specific time periods. In addition, Global Health Track students are required to travel to Global Health Field Study sites where placements opportunities are available.


  • All field study placements must occur during the start and end dates of the Public Health Program semesters. Students are not allowed to commence the field study during a break between two semesters when classes are not in session.

  • Fourth-year MPH Dual Degree (DO/MPH & PharmD/MPH) students who seek placements in the spring semesters are strongly advised to complete the Field Study by the last day of the Public Health Program Spring Classes to ensure on-time MPH graduation/degree conferral in the Spring.
  • If a student plans to graduate upon completion of the Public Health Field Study and commences a field study placement during the latter half of a field study term or Public Health Program academic session but completes his/her placement after the academic session has ended, their degree will be conferred for the next available conferral date. For example, the spring Public Health Program spring classes typically end on the Friday of the first week May. If a student were to begin a field study placement later than the beginning of the fourth week of February and completed the placement more than two weeks after the first week of May, they would receive a grade of INC (Incomplete) for the spring field study course. A grade change would be processed for the spring field study course upon receipt of the student’s final field study deliverables. Therefore, the student’s degree would be conferred for the summer degree conferral dates (July/August) rather than for those conferral dates designated for the spring (May/June).

  • Students who submit a field study planning form for a previous field study term (e.g., Spring 2017) but did not begin the Public Health Field Study during that specified field study term, are required to resubmit a second field study planning form designated for an alternative field study term.

6. Upon submitting the Field Study Planning form, email the following required documents to the Field Study Coordinator:

7. If you entered the Program prior to Summer or Fall 2015, you must complete the following course prerequisites for PBHC 600. (Students who entered the Program in and after Summer or Fall 2015 will complete these prerequisites as part of the PH Program Orientation Blackboard):

8.    If you have questions about the Field Study course, CLICK HERE to schedule an in-person or phone appointment with Prof. Kelly or visit or via the email addresses above.

9.    Enroll in the Public Health Field Study Course by the specified registration deadlinesIf possible, attend scheduled Field Study Orientations (see Community Health Field Study Placement Planning Timelines & Deadlines and Global Health Field Study Placement Planning Timelines & Deadlines).

10. Observe the Community Health Field Study Placement Planning Timelines & Deadlines and Global Health Field Study Placement Planning Timelines & Deadlines for details on when the placement matching process begins for each field study term and when placement opportunities are confirmed for students.