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    Dean O'Connor Awards Debriefing Presenters 50 LIFE Points

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    LIFE Points Presentation by CEHS Dean Jim O'Connor


At the end of each fall and spring academic session, students are invited to attend a debriefing sessions to give brief presentations to faculty and fellow students about their field experiences. These informal gatherings allows students to share information, highlights, stories, and insights about their individual experiences in the field. Students are encourage to share photos or use PowerPoint slides for their respective presentations. Refreshments and tasty snacks are provided at each debriefing session. Debriefing presenters are awarded 50 LIFE (Linking Intervention from Experiences) points by CEHS Dean, Dr. Jim O'Oconnor (see the section on LIFE Points below for more details on the Award).

The next Field Study Debriefing Session will be held in Fall 2016 (TBA). 

Field Study Debriefing Presentation Guidelines

Students may use PowerPoint slides and photos for their presentations. Presentations will be timed must not exceed 4 minutes. One and half minutes will be allotted for Q & A after each presentation. Please see the presentation outline below:

  • Placement site/organization information
  • Statement of public health problem/description of project goals and objectives
  • Results achieved
  • Challenges/lessons learned
  • Q & A

IMPORTANT: If you would like your presentation to be featured online, please make sure that all media releases have been submitted for photographs contained in your presentation.

Life Points

Students who participate will be awarded LIFE (Linking Intervention from Experiences) points as credit. LIFE is a program developed by the College of Education and Health Sciences (CEHS) at Touro University California. This program was adopted from the TOUCH (Translating Osteopathic Understanding into Community Health) program, which is specifically intended for osteopathic medical students. The LIFE program was created to recognize students in other programs including public health, physician assistants, and education. The goal of the LIFE program is to acknowledge and encourage students working to improve the health of communities locally and abroad. As faculty members are welcome to create events for LIFE points, participation in the Field Study Debriefing Sessions will automatically qualify students as LIFE Point Star recipients.

Fall 2015 Field Study Debriefing Session

The Public Health Program's Fall 2015 Field Study Debriefing Session was held on Tuesday, December 8, 2016. Four current students and one alumni shared information and highlights about their individual experiences in the field with students and faculty. Below is a list of presenters:

Each debriefing participant was awarded 50 LIFE (Linking Intervention from Experiences) points by CEHS Dean, Dr. Jim O'Oconnor. 

Jeannie Duong & Paul Hacker @County of Marin's Prevention Wellness Program, Marin City Community Services District with Preceptor, Elaini Negussie