ePortfolios are powerful, innovative, and cutting edge tools that are being used more and more frequently in higher education. ePortfolios are the next generation of the résumés for today's graduate students and professionals. The electronic portfolio allows you to store and manage all your educational information to support your learning, create a powerful living showcase of your academic, volunteer, and professional accomplishments to advance your career in public health!

Effective Summer 2015, the TUC PH Program has purchased myeFolio, an award-winning a product of Avenet, LLC, for all new entering classes. Beginning in Summer 2015, students are provided myeFolio accounts each year. Students with access to myeFolio are required to submit ePortfolios for the Field Study course. Login to myeFolio to create your myeFolio account. IMPORTANT: The TUC MPH School myeFolio “Sign Up Code” is available on Blackboard for students enrolled in the Field Study course.

The Field Study ePortfolio is similar to the written Field Study Summary Report, but instead utilizes digitized collections (e.g., textbased, graphics, archived multimedia elements, such as photos, PPT slides, audio or voice recordings, websites, web links, and other electronic media to provide a more virtual representation of your public health field work. “An e-Portfolio is a digitized collection of artifacts, including demonstrations, resources and accomplishments that represent an individual, group, community, organization or institution” (Lorenzo & Ittelson, 2005). Please note that each section of the ePortfolio Outline can serve as abbreviated versions of those that are featured in the written Field Study Summary Report (see Field Study ePortfolio Overview & Outline).

Aside from the Field Study, the Program also encourages students to use Myefolio throughout their entire course of study in the PH Program to demonstrate key skills and accomplishments and to:

  • Collect and share work;
  • Organize, manage and display academic and career information;
  • Provide a powerful way to reflect on academic and career goals;
  • Create an online educational journal for reflection;
  • Create an online site that can be turned in as an online Assignment;
  • Demonstrate mastery of course outcomes;
  • Share best work from multiple courses; and
  • Showcase professional-quality work for prospective employees.

To learn more about what an ePortfolio is and how this exciting tool is being used by MPH students, please watch a brief video at http://at.sfsu.edu/eportfolio and then view the e-Portfolio Gallery for examples. 

Examples of TUC student ePortfolios:

Examples of ePortfolios at other public health programs and schools across the U.S.:

References: Lorenzo, G., & Ittelson, J. (2005). An Overview of E-Portfolios. Educause Learning Initiative (1),1-27. https://net.educause.edu/ir/library/pdf/eli3001.pdf.