The curriculum for the ADN to MSN is 18 months in duration and is delivered in 8-9 week sessions (46 units).  The BSN to MSN students join the ADN to MSN cohort in the third session and complete the program in 12 months (33 units).  Graduates will be eligible to apply for the PHN certificate through the California Board of Registered Nursing and sit for the examination for national certification as a Clinical Nurse Leader (CNL). 

The practicum hours (90) for the PHN certification will be conducted in local health departments, schools, and community clinics.  Hours toward the CNL certification (400) can be completed in the hospital where the student is employed if approved by the agency.  The clinical hours may not include hours during paid service.

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The Course of Study(pdf) details the number, order, and unit value for the required  courses
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Course Descriptions (pdf) provides a statement of the content for each course.
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The Project Handbook (pdf) serves as a roadmap to the processes, procedures and requirements of the MSN Culminating Quality Improvement (QI) Project. 
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The Class Meetings Schedule (pdf) details the mandatory meetings throughout the academic year.