Master’s Degree Capstone Experience and Requirements

In the Graduate School of Education Master’s programs, students complete their capstone – generally a thesis or project - through a research course sequence.


  • In the MAEd programs, this culminating thesis or project is completed through the following research courses: EDU 710, 716, 795.
  • In the MEd program, the cuminating thesis/projects are completed in the research courses ED 790, 791 and 792.

As part of the research process, all Master’s candidates must complete a proposal to the Instutitional Review Board for the Protection of Human Subjects (IRB).

In addition to the Thesis or Project completion, all Graduate Studies students are required to complete a portfolio using a prescribed template created in Taskstream. Guidelines for this process are individualized to the specific Master’s degree program. You will receive instruction on how to complete this requirement in the capstone courses listed above.