Teaching and Learning Master of Arts Degree


 The Master’s degree in Teaching and Learning is based on the Graduate School of Education’s  teacher preparation program as a precursor to more advanced study.  Only students of the  Touro Multiple or Single Subject credential program are eligible for this program of study.

 The program builds on the strengths of the teacher preparation program and serves as an  effective forum for exploring the ideas, experiences, and issues encountered by new teachers  in their classrooms and schools.  The ability to share experiences and issues with other new  teachers who are part of their cohort extends the power and purpose of the teacher  preparation program design.  The opportunity to engage with experienced educators provides  an added dimension to the learning experience in the initial years of teaching service.

 Students in the Master of Arts in Teaching and Learning program meet all of the requirements  for the Graduate School of Education’s teacher preparation program.  In addition, students  take 12 additional units as follows:

9 Units of Research Courses:

  •  EDUC 710: Introduction to Research for Educators
  •  EDUC 716: Reading/Writing Educational Literature
  •  EDUC 795: Master’s Thesis/Project Seminar

 3 Units of Elective Courses:

  • Any 600 or 700 level EDUC, SPEC, or EDUC course.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What does this degree allow you to do?    

  • Develop a community to explore collaborative approaches to education and new prototypes for learning and assessing performance.
  • Focus upon effective practices from the real world context of teaching in multicultural school systems to prepare students for the future workplace in a global market.
  • Integrated curriculum for evolution from scholar to action researcher to leader/mentor.

 What are the unique features of Touro's Teaching and Learning program?

  • Programs run on site in your district for most cohorts one night per week.
  • Touro programs respect the prior graduate work you did to become credentialed. If you have a valid California Teaching Credential and have yet to earn a M.Ed., this program is only 18 units.
  • Cohort model used with strong support network and accessibility to instructors.
  • Dynamic partnerships with local school districts which allow students to do direct observation of teaching and immediately participate in schools.

How long does the program take?

  •  Two to three semesters to complete the 12 unit program.

 How much does it cost?

  •  For the 18-19 academic year: 12 units x $600 per unit=$7,260
  •  Books=$300; no software needed
  •  Financial aid is available
  • Tuition and Fees posted here: LINK

 Can you transfer credits to the program?

  •  Up to 12 credits can be transferred, upon program approval.

 Location of classes?

  •  Touro University, Mare Island, Vallejo

 When do classes meet?

  • Classes meet once per week, from 4:30 to 9:00 PM.


 Pamela Redmond, Ed.D. 
 Professor & Chair of Graduate Studies




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