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The Master of Arts degree in Special Education program expands the Graduate School of Education’s preliminary education specialist preparation program through more advanced study.  The program builds on the strengths of the State approved credential preparation program and serves as an effective forum for exploration of ideas, experiences, and issues encountered by new teachers in their classrooms and schools through action research.  The ability to share experiences and issues with other new teachers who are part of their cohort extends the power and purpose of the teacher preparation program design.  The opportunity to engage with experienced educators provides an added dimension to the learning experience in the initial years of teaching or administration.

Students in the Master of Arts in Special Education program may matriculate in required coursework in  the Education Specialist teacher preparation program concurrently with master’s level core research and concentration  coursework. More information about the credential program may be found here.




To obtain the Master of Arts degree, candidates take twelve units of master’s research coursework in addition to the education specialist credential concentration.  These master’s courses support to completion of a required thesis/project that is directly involved with candidate’s teaching focus as a credentialed teachers.  Courses may be taken concurrently with credential courses.

Core Research Coursework  – 12 units

EDUC 710: Introduction to Research for Educators - 3 units

SPEC 710:  Advanced Intervention in Classrooms and Schools ** - 3 units                                 

EDUC 716: Reading and Writing Educational Research - 3 units

EDUC 795:  MA Thesis/Project Seminar* - 3 units

Subtotal: 12 units

*Students who earn an Incomplete grade in their Master's Thesis/Project course must register for the Master's Thesis/Project Continuation course (EDUC 796-1, 2, 3).  See p. 13 for specific requirements.

Concentration Coursework: Preliminary Education Specialist Mild/Moderate Disabilities and/or Moderate/Severe Disabilities Credential - 18 units

EDUC 770:  Educational Psychology & Classroom Management - 3 units

EDUC 771:  Teaching Diverse Learners - 3 units

EDUC 772:  Elementary Literacy & Planning Instruction - 3 units

EDUC 718:  Inclusive School Environments for all Learners - 3 units

SPEC 791:  Positive Behavior Supports - 3 units

SPEC 792:  Assessment and the IEP Process - 3 units         

Subtotal:  18 units

Total Program:  30 units  



Linda Haymes, Ph.D

Chair, Special Education & ABA