Meet Our Faculty

Faculty, Program Chairs, and Director

Michael K. Barbour, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Instructional Design

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Phone: (707) 638-5952
Office: Wilderman Hall, Rm. 205

Linda Haymes, Ph.D.

Program Chair-Special Education

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Phone: (707) 638-5865
Office: Wilderman Hall, Rm. 207

Justin Heard, Ed.D.

Assistant Dean / Director

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Phone: (707) 638-5406
Office: Wilderman Hall, Rm. 204

Page Hersey, Ed.D.

Program Chair: Single and Multiple Subject Program


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Phone: (707) 638-5457
Office: Wilderman Hall, Rm. 209

J. Mott, Ed.D.

Assistant Professor of Special Education

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Phone: (707) 638-5264
Office: Wilderman Hall, Rm. 206

Pamela Redmond, Ed.D.

Program Chair: Graduate Programs

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Phone: (707) 638-5452
Office: Wilderman Hall, Rm. 210

Louise Santiago, Ph.D.

Program Coordinator: Educational Leadership Program

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Phone: (707) 638-5433
Office: Wilderman Hall, Rm. 208


Staff and Coordinators

Dori Phenix 

Administrative Coordinator


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Phone: (707) 638-5986


Office: Wilderman Hall, Rm. 202

Denise Fisher

Administrative Assistant

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Phone: (707) 638-5972
Office: Wilderman Hall, Rm. 201 (back)

Linda Henderson, Ed.D.

Fieldwork and Intern Coordinator

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Phone:(707) 638-5246
Office: Wilderman Hall, Rm. 203

Sharon Kutasy

Senior Administrative Assistant/Credential Analyst

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Phone: (707) 638-5971
Office: Wilderman Hall, Rm. 201 (front)

Dania Massey

TPA Assessment Coordinator

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Phone: (707) 638-5246